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Carbide-tipped steel provides longer run time than HSS because the carbide composition is a much harder and stronger cutting edge.  Recommended for use on highly abrasive hardwoods, composite wood products, wood glue lines, and synthetic materials. Must be ground with CDX superabrasive wheels used for grinding both HSS and carbide.
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WEI-700026 WEI-700038 WEI-700028
Part#: WEI-700026; Size: 50mm x 60mm Part#: WEI-700038; Size: 60mm x 60mm Part#: WEI-700028; Size: 50mm x 100mm
WEI-700040 WEI-700030 WEI-700042
Part#: WEI-700040; Size: 60mm x 100mm Part#: WEI-700030; Size: 50mm x 130mm Part#: WEI-700042; Size: 60mm x 130mm
WEI-700032 WEI-700044 WEI-700034
Part#: WEI-700032; Size: 50mm x 150mm Part#: WEI-700044; Size: 60mm x 150mm Part#: WEI-700034; Size: 50mm x 180mm
WEI-700046 WEI-700036 WEI-700048
Part#: WEI-700046; Size: 60mm x 180mm Part#: WEI-700036; Size: 50mm x 230mm Part#: WEI-700048; Size: 60mm x 230mm
GS-SCC-31200 GS-SCC-25125 GS-SCC-25150
Part#: GS-SCC-31200; Part#: GS-SCC-25125; (25 x 1-1/4) Part#: GS-SCC-25150;
Part#: GS-SCC-312383;