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These stones, made of high-purity silicon carbide, provide longer stone life, give a superior finish, and prevent accumulation of steel chips in the stone. Grit Size: The finer the grit the better the finish because the stone is softer. Vitrified Bond: Easier to form, cuts cooler Resin Bond: Provides a better finish quality.
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TA-2001 TA-2002 WEI-100720
Part#: TA-2001; Size: 160mm x 60mm x 15mm; Medium Grit Part#: TA-2002; Size: 160mm x 60mm x 15mm; 280 Medium Grit Part#: WEI-100720; 230mm x 60mm x 15mm, 600 Grit
WEI-100722 WEI-100724 WEI-100731
Part#: WEI-100722; Size: 20mm x 60mm x 15mm, 240 Grit Part#: WEI-100724; Size: 160mm x 60mm x 15mm, 600 Grit Part#: WEI-100731; Size: 12mm x 32mm, 240 Grit