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TC-MS01 TC-H39095 TC-K80162
Grease Gun Parts -
Our Price: $1.45
Part#: TC-MS01; Measures radius of cutterhead (mm, inches) Torsion Spring Chain Style Gun
WEI-100730 TA-101 WEI-006-02116
Weinig Cleaning Stick
Our Price: $3.00
Part#: WEI-100730  When the working surface of the diamond or CBN wheel becomes "loaded" with material from the workpiece, it must be cleaned with this special aluminum oxide cleaning stick to remove embedded particles. Part#: TA-101; Diamond/CNB Wheels Part#: WEI-006-02116; Size: 12mm x 32mm, 280 Grit
C24R Rough Dressing Stick WEI-006-00186 WEI-003-17500
Part#:C24R; 24 Grit Rough Dressing Stick for vitrified and ceramic grinding wheels  Do not use on super abrasive wheels. Instead use the TA-101 dressing stick for all Superabrasives. Part#: WEI-006-00186; Size: 20mm x 100mm x 20mm; 280 Grit Part#: WEI-003-17500; Grade #2 Grease Cartridge. Central Lubrication
TC-76101 WEI-100722 WEI-251-362002
Part#: TC-76101; Size: 60mm x 30mm x 25mm Part#: WEI-100722; Size: 20mm x 60mm x 15mm, 240 Grit Part#: WEI-251-362002; Size: 20mm x  60mm x 15mm; 500 Grit
TC-1352798-1 TS-412 TC-2001
Safety Glasses
Our Price: $5.58
MSI Template Material
Our Price: $5.60
Part#: TC-1352798-1; Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 Part#: TS-412; Best finish for template making Part#: TC-2001; Silicon Carbide Hone Stone for deburring knives. 4-1/2 x 1-3/4 x 3/8-1/8. 320 Grit
Grease Gun Parts TC H32308 #33 Pressure Screw WEI-003-17520 TC-H39095
Grease Gun Parts -
Our Price: $9.00
Chain Style Gun Part#: WEI-003-17520; International Grade #3 Grease. Hydro-Clamping System Chain Style Gun
HONES WEI-100732 TC-H30647.01
Our Price: $9.14
Grease Gun Parts -
Our Price: $10.55
Silicon Carbide Hone 5 X 1 X 5/16-3/32  320 Grit
Used for fine honing
Weinig Round Edge Slip Stone For use when manually generating a sharp edge on knife steel, or when polishing out nicks in profile knives Part#: TC-H30647.01; Rod Style Gun
TC-H39095 WEI-WAC-501522 WEI-006-00182
Grease Gun Parts -
Our Price: $10.90
Torsion Spring Part#: WEI-WAC-501522; 12mm x 38mm Diamond. For carbide planing. Part#: WEI-006-00182; 225mm x 5mm x 60mm; Roughing 54 Grit
WEI-006-00183 TC-HOSE-100 TC-76101
Our Price: $12.25
Part#: WEI-006-00183; 225mm x 5mm x 60mm; Finishing 100 Grit Heavy Duty dust extraction hose 100mm diameter  sold in 25 foot rolls  PRICE PER FOOT Part#: TC-76101; Size: 60mm x 30mm x 25mm
Granny Spit - 1 Gallon
Our Price: $13.25
Our Price: $14.75
Part#: TC-GRANNYSPIT-1; All-Purpose Tool Cleaner; 1 Gallon Jug Part#: TC-38256.01; Rod Style Gun Heavy Duty dust extraction hose 120mm diameter  sold in 25 foot rolls  PRICE PER FOOT