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The standard in-feed rollers on all new Weinig moulders are the steel-tooth rollers.  These conical-shaped rollers are a patented Weinig design made specifically to properly through-feed most dry materials.  For superior gripping power, the teeth on the contact surface are located at an angle, with a maximum "tooth mark" indention of only 3mm (1/8") deep.  The contact surface of the roller is covered with a layer of hard chrome to provide longer roller life.
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WEI-143-618001 WEI-023-9052923 WEI-143-618009
Part#: WEI-143-618001; 5-1/2in OD 3/4in wide steel feed roller for 35mm keyed shaft with extended hub Part#: WEI-023-9052923; 5-1/2in OD x 3/8in wide roller for 35mm keyed shaft Part#: WEI-143-618009; 5-1/2in OD x 5/8in wide cup (bolt-on) roller for 30mm shaft
Part#: WEI-143-618010; 5-1/2in OD 1-1/4in wide roller for 35mm keyed shaft