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MSI Spiral Insert Cutterhead SP-125-100-12 MSI Spiral Insert Cutterhead (100mm)

MSI Spiral Insert Cutteread
125 x 1-1/2" bore x 100mm - 18 Inserts

Our Price: $490.00
MS-0941 Refractometer/Coolant Tester

Part#: MS-0941; Optimizes coolant use and tool life

Our Price: $275.00
MSI Coolant MSI Coolant - 1 Gallon

Part#: TC-Coolant-1; MSI Coolant - 1 Gallon

Our Price: $30.00
MSI Spiral Insert Cutterhead SP-125-240-12 MSI Spiral Insert Cutterhead (240mm)

MSI Spiral Insert Cutterhead
125 x 1-1/2" bore x 240mm - 50 Inserts

Our Price: $955.00
IC-1001322-10 MSI Carbide Insert - (100x13x2.2)

Part#: IC-1001322-10; Size: 100mm x 13mm x 2.2mm

Our Price: $158.50 (Box of 10)
MSI Magic Ceramic - Roughing 54 Grit MSI Grinding Wheel - Magic Ceramic

Part#: TC-10001; 225mm x 5mm x 60mm; Roughing 54 Grit; Fits Weinig

Our Price: $32.00
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