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Replacement Belts

In order to improve the life of your belts, be sure to tension them once a week for the first month of the new belts use. After that, check the tension once a month. There is a belt tensioning gauge available. Otherwise, tension the belts to about 1/32" pull together. Make sure that the belts are properly tracking. A mistracking belt will wear out quickly. When ordering please specify the type of belt needed: flat, v-belt or timing belt.
Call 704-660-6977 or e-mail MSI Sales to check your application and availability.

Replacement Bearings: High Quality & Angular Contact Spindle Bearings

When installing bearings be sure to use the proper amount of grease. Too much grease will reduce the life of the bearing. A normal bearing will require only to be filled halfway, or what is called half packed. Use a high-quality grease for this. The inner race of most bearings can be warmed long enough so that the inner race will slide over the shaft. Before assembly check the condition of the shaft and housing to make sure the bearings facing the correct direction. Improper installation of the thrust style bearing can cause unsatisfactory performance. Refer to the chart below. Call
704-660-6977 or e-mail MSI Sales to check your application and availability.

Metric Motors and Pulleys

Our metric motors are manufactured to the highest standards possible. These motors have extensive testing in the field for many years. The precision balance of the motor parts assures you of the best power transfer while eliminating vibration.

When calling or e-mailing MSI Sales for availability, please have the following available:
KW, HP, Frame, RPM, and Shaft Size.